September 17, 2017 (10:49 AM)

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Fr. Joel Tabora SJ. welcomes the students on the stage. Photo by Julien Jame Apale

442 undergraduate students who earned a QPI of atleast 3.4 in the 2nd semester of S.Y. 2016-2017 gained recognition during the Gawad: Gabi ng Parangal held at Finster Auditorium, September 15, at 3:40 pm.

Among them, 313 students received the Dean’s List award and 129 were Presidents’ Listers. Students who had the highest QPI in every year level were also recognized. From them, the most oustanding students of the said academic year were chosen. Of the 6,799 enrollees, these 442 awardees fall within the upper 6.5% of the student population.

As guest speaker, Fr. Antonio M. Basilio, SJ, Ph.D. gave them an insightful message about the essence of academic recognitions and his meaning of true success.

“Academic recognition teaches you how to work hard. If you want to be consistently, academically rewarded, you would have to work hard everytime. What I have learned in academic recognitions is this: It is not simply because one is naturally gifted or naturally talented or smart or lucky that one attains academic achievement. It is primarily a product of good work, hardwork. It is easier when you enjoy what you’re doing. To be consistently awarded, one needs to work hard everytime. Success comes from working hard. And as we work hard, we work not only for ourselves but for others,” he said.

Gawad: Gabi ng Parangal is a celebration of academic excellence among outstanding undergraduate students from School of Business and Governance, School of Nursing, School of Engineering and Architecture, School of Arts and Sciences and School of Education.

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