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Univ opens new SY thru mass

  The Our Lady of Assumption Chapel was fully-packed last Thursday, June 15, 2017 as teachers, staff and students came to attend the first Eucharistic celebration of the school year. The holy mass was presided over by Fr. Joel Tabora, SJ. During the Mass, he urged the mass-goers, especially the …

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CHEd XI eyes ROTC revival; pol party opposes

  The Region XI Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) gathered National Service Training Program (NSTP) implementers and student leaders in a conference yesterday to talk about the probable revival of Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), following Duterte’s pronouncements of making ROTC mandatory. SAMAHAN President John Chin informed students through a …

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Griffins dance their way to Dance Showdown victory

Loud, enthusiastic voices filled the atmosphere of the Roxas grounds as Ateneans proudly cheered for their division’s representatives during the 66th Ateneo Fiesta Group Dance Showdown. Each division had four representatives flaunting their dynamic dance moves through artists’ songs from Original Pinoy Music (OPM). With dance moves performed, Ateneans animatedly …

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The Future of Mobile

Michael Josh Villanueva, Rappler’s TechRap Producer, will be discussing about the future of mobile. Michael Josh is a thirty-something idealist of Filipino-Malaysian heritage, American-Chinese upbringing and alien-comic book hero origin. He claims technology is fuel to his superhero DNA, began developing websites in 1998, blogging in 2000, and podcasting in …

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Travel, Photography and Social Media

Engr. Jaypee David, Globe Telecom Community Manager, will be discussing about travel, photography and social media. Jaypee David will present his thought leadership and ideas in social media. In his website enjayneer.com, he talks about photography and arts, travel, leisure and vacation destinations in the Philippines aiming to help local …

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Building Online Community

Bianca Gonzales, ABS-CBN Celebrity Host and Reporter, will be discussing about building online community. Bianca’s first job in ABS-CBN was with production, where she was a brainstormer for the Creative Development Group. Currently, she is the editor-at-large at Meg Magazine and holds a Sunday lifestyle column, ‘Ten Things You Should …

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