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Why mining should not be in my backyard?

We have already seen the hazardous tragedy brought by mining operations in our country. Many lives have been lost and properties left wasted. No wonder a lot of anti-mining movements have increased significantly, protesting to stop all mining operations, may it be in a larger or a smaller scale. Who …

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Editor’s Note

After a long wait, our environmental magazine has finally come to life. It has been our dream to release a paper that would encourage you to think and to act on the various issues concerning our environment. Atenews, as we know, is unswerving in its goal to impart awareness and …

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26th Avenue: Accountable

An opinion on CCO,GACP election issue I can’t get it why a political party has to plan something ill against its opponent. If winning a good cause and fulfilling a goal through dominance in number are the reasons behind why they have to, then I should ask myself, am I …

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