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Her body is a commodity

I once laughed at a quote from a woman saying “Bago ko sila mapakain, kakainin muna nila ako.” I didn’t really understand that at first. I thought she was just saying something about how hard it is to work in order to feed a child. But as I went out …

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Filipinos unite!

It’s amazing to watch the developments in the highly controversial Cybercrime Prevention Act. In just a few days after its implementation, Senators are now rushing to excuse and apologize for their mistake. Senator Angara, the principal sponsor of the law in the Senate, has even stated that he will file …

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Activism. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action; especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue; and the people who engage in activism are referred to as activists. Often have I walked along the streets to see …

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Seizing the good earth

“A Garden in the city”, a phrase that will get you imagining of blooming flowers and trees that promises fruitful bounties. However, in reality, it speaks of injustice, cruelty and irrelevant displays of power that got Marcela “Nanay Silay” Camumot and the other residents of Bariquit compound standing up for …

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Police “Power”

Police power, as stated in our Constitutional law, is the power vested in the legislature by the Constitution to make, ordain, and establish all manners of wholesome and reasonable laws for the good and welfare of the State and its people. The basic purposes of police power are to promote …

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Why mining should not be in my backyard?

We have already seen the hazardous tragedy brought by mining operations in our country. Many lives have been lost and properties left wasted. No wonder a lot of anti-mining movements have increased significantly, protesting to stop all mining operations, may it be in a larger or a smaller scale. Who …

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