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Cost of Beauty

It’s Wednesday again. Good-looking people flock the catwalk. One by one they pass and strike a pose as the sun radiates its rays like spotlights. From branded denims to designer dresses and shoes that shout their personalities; these reflect their status as gods and goddesses of fashion. Slender bodies, glossy …

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The Lost Art of Panliligaw

Teasing in the classroom, awkward eye contact, context clues on twitter, text messaging, chatting on Facebook, dating at the malls, holding hands, kissing, and voila!- – boyfriend and girlfriend. So-called monthsaries come, then the so-called cool off, and eventually, the breakup. No more teasing. No more of anything at all. …

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Laying down the facts on planking

Back then, the typical routine when surfing the internet went like this: you turn the PC on, open the browser, go to your favorite web sites and get amazed with tons of new information, pictures and videos that the deemed glorious internet had to offer. But now it can be …

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The sensational MIND VIRUS

A massive viral infection has spread through the web. Nobody’s immune and everyone is affected. There is still no known cure for this, so people cannot help but be part in spreading viral videos, images, jokes, phrases and even senseless parodies. Relax, I’m not talking about a life-threatening disease or …

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Dare to break beauty conventions

The concept of beauty has never been constant. The overused “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” quote proved to be true as different definitions of beauty surfaced. What then is the real definition of beauty? Why does it matter in the ever-changing society? Socrates claimed that, to be …

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