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Assessments of SAMAHAN Big Three

Michael Zachary Leyson, SAMAHAN President Self-Assessment: Engaging oneself and winning during the election period is just one phase that a candidate has to encounter before garnering a seat in the SAMAHAN Central Board (SCB). Being able to deliver one’s platforms is another challenge. Throughout the school year, the SCB strived …

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The lumad evacuees’ sole Christmas wish

The houses along Fr. Selga Street are radiant during December nights, disturbed only by the noise of the passing vehicles and the children’s improvised percussion instruments during their caroling. Window decorations are a measurement of everyone’s excitement as December ensues, and families stay inside their homes, comfortably resting, counting days …

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The 7.0-magnitude quake risk in Davao

Anything can happen at any time of the day. One moment you’re going through the day as planned: attending a class, having lunch with your classmates, and studying for an exam, and then just out of the blue, a whopping 7.0-magnitude earthquake hits Davao City and everyone ends up panicking. …

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Nuisance or Not: The Dilemma

“Mas madali pa ata magfile ng COC (Certificate of Candidacy) kaysa pumasa ngayong college.” This tweet from Bianca Reyes is among the frustrated reactions of some netizens as considerably large numbers of presidential aspirants filed their COC for the 2016 elections. No matter if you are a famous celebrity, a …

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Molding ‘men and women for others’

  Video presentation showcasing ASEP 2015 owned by the Ateneo de Davao University. “Only by being a man and woman for others does one become fully human.” – Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J. The heavens took no remorse. Storm clouds blanketed the once-blue skies of Compostela Valley province, drowning the lands …

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