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Electronics in agriculture: Better solutions

“Help the farmer itself. They plant to feed you.” The seminar entitled “Agriculture Applications in Electronics” given by Engr. Apollo Ian David last Aug. 3, 2016 in Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) ended with this quote from President Rodrigo Duterte. The said event was attended by the members of the …

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Overshadowing advocacies: Downside of the Intrams pageant

Things have changed in the celebration of the yearly-awaited Ateneo Fiesta. Aside from the integration of the school’s Intramurals or mostly known as Palarong Atenista, events such as the Search for the Ateneo Intramurals Ambassadors were included to make the celebration more diverse, inclusive and representative of the different divisions. …

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Behind the ‘Indianized’ Davao

  The influx of Indian medical students here in Davao City has been quite noticeable over the past few years. Some will look at this as a manifestation of Davao’s status is terms of the quality education and good living conditions it has to offer to these foreigners who come …

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The ‘fuccboi agenda’

    You’re in cafeteria innocently eating your lunch when you notice a group of five men gathered together on a single table, engaging in a conversation inaudible to you. Suddenly, you are drawn to the man in the middle. Sporting an undercut, his strong perfume dominates your senses, and …

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Inday Sara’s leave: Little to no effect

We have come a long way from #DuterteSerye, #OnlyBinay, #LabanLeni, #SilentMajority, and finally, to #DU30saJune30, and during those turn of events, the presidential candidates have not been the only ones under the spotlight – their families have also been the subject of much speculation. Despite being the first family, the …

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The price and prize of a reckless life

“John and Cindy sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.” Childhood—those were the days when we were protected from the many problems of reality. It was a time of exploration and vulnerability, and our minds were as curious …

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