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AdDU’s religious clubs gather for Kalakbay 2017

To end the month of September, the Ateneo Religious Organizations (ARO) converged in its annual celebration, KALAKBAY, to celebrate fellowship among the members at the Rodriguez Hall where they showcased the various talents and skills of their constituents. Games and enjoyment filled the entire afternoon as members were challenged to …

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Killing the sinful

I had this withdrawn thought before from the words of someone so close to me until I have heard a news about a 17-year old, currently in Grade 11, shut his eyes through a bullet because of an accusation that no one ever knew if evidences are feasible. The thought …

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Fixing a reputation, not the mistakes

There are apparent similarities in the sequential systems of enrollment: glitches, hassles and the coarse clamor of the students in every social media platform. What made this year’s enrollment system slightly different is its all-online nature. But, besides anything else, the same upheaval of students countered the promises of ease …

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Why political parties are becoming more senseless

Unlike the conventional common stereotype of politicians in the country, student leaders are seen less cynical in the political arena. Even in the political parties, politicians are highly demeaned as criticisms like trapo, biased, and gasgas go overboard, while the masses continue the outcry for more mechanisms to change these frustrating acts …

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Overshadowing advocacies: Downside of the Intrams pageant

Things have changed in the celebration of the yearly-awaited Ateneo Fiesta. Aside from the integration of the school’s Intramurals or mostly known as Palarong Atenista, events such as the Search for the Ateneo Intramurals Ambassadors were included to make the celebration more diverse, inclusive and representative of the different divisions. …

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